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BQLP CurriculumQueering the Curriculum

The Bard Queer Leadership Project curriculum is designed to promote Queer Leadership in many fields of inquiry by requiring each student to undertake a concentration in a liberal arts academic field in addition to the Queer Leadership concentration. The dual-concentration nature of the existing Simon’s Rock B.A. degree facilitates this, as nearly all of the 40+ concentrations currently offered at Bard College at Simon’s Rock can be done in tandem with a second concentration.

Take a peek at the BQLP Curriculum:

  • The BQLP Colloquium in Queer Culture
  • Queer Leadership Proseminars
  • LGBTQ+ College Communities: Past, Present, Future
  • Queer Leadership Proseminars
  • Queer in Field
  • Queer in Community
  • Queer Leadership Internship
  • Queer Theory
  • First-Year Seminar I and II and First-Year Experience I and II queer-focused sections distinct from those in The Early College

BQLP is not intended as an academic program only in Queer Studies, but instead as the combination of queer modes of inquiry with a second academic field. Of course, if a student is interested in focusing their work predominantly on Queer Studies, they can combine Queer Leadership with the existing concentration in Gender Studies.

Forward Thinking, Leadership Focused

Leadership is as much a part of the Bard Queer Leadership Project as academics. We want our students to change the world and that means looking to the future.

Let’s take a look at some of the key ways our students can enhance their leadership skills and build their own future:

Queer Leadership Internship
With a focus on leadership, students can partake in their own Queer Leadership Internship with a variety of elective options. The Internships includes 75-90 hours of internship experience, and can encompass both in person and remote work.

Senior Project
Every student in the Bard Queer Leadership Project will craft a pivotal Senior Project based on research/creative output and/or their career pathway. Senior Projects are a key component of a SImon’s Rock education.

Simon’s Rock’s Industry Expert Advisory Program
Students will work in groupings aligned with their interests, connecting them with additional supporters of their future careers. This program begins in the junior year, and extends through the senior year into the first year post-graduation. The program culminates in an in-person final retreat during Alumni Reunion.